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To function in this life is to understand what lies beyond.
Like whispers being released from my pocket,
She explains experiences that are seldom spoken
but are absorbed as only a Shaman, healer, or visionary
can relay to our own ordinary lives.

To enter her aura is to cross a threshold of a new energy
Not of crystals and incense, but of knowledge and teachings
of the prophecies of this spot on which we stand.

Like the shadow of a stone that suddenly rises to the surface of
a mirrored lake, the magic of this life is brought forth in a way
that allows us to cope, whether it be magnificent or wretched.
There are no spells or incantations.
Her tools are simple.

Love, understanding, and most of all, giving.
In her travels of wonders and miracles
she now holds not in closed fist but in cupped hands
the keys that unlock footprints of the past
and the footsteps yet to come.

On this Easter morn I watched as the clouds which cloaked
the full April moon dissolve as it has done a million times before,
but because of you, such a simple vision became one of the
treasures I now hold dear in my life.

- Jonathon Stoker


When I had my first appointment with Sally, it was the beginning of a most incredible journey of healing. 
Each time I receive a treatment I am refreshed, invigorated and ready to begin again. For weeks afterward, I am pulsing with joy, enthusiasm, and renewed focus. This heightened vibrancy seems to last longer and longer after each session.

Sally, thank you so much for providing such wonderful healing, and for making such a difference in my day to day life!
                                               --- Diane Famolare


My back was seriously injured in an automobile accident. A week of pain and the doctor could only prescribe muscle relaxors and rehabilitation therapy, neither of which appealed to me as options. Sally took on my case and in only one session with Plant Spirit Healing she improved my flexibility and my mobility beyond what the doctors were able to do. I can now move so much more freely and I have so much less pain that I no longer need the pills prescribed to me.

I was so pleased with not only Sally's skill in using this technique but also with the technique itself. I admit I was a bit skeptical, but now I'm walking, bending stretching proof that it works!

                                               --- Gail Gorman


I came to Sally by chance, and can truly say that she saved my life during a very critical period of loss and transition. Her healing helped me to become more centered and grounded, and provided a path where I could see myself more clearly. Sally's caring nature as a healer is phenomenal, and her treatments are carefully thought out, and individualized. Whether she heals with touch, sound therapy, reflexology, crystals, or plant spirit healing - or a combination of all, she takes the time to listen and invests herself totally to achieve each person's mind, body, spirit connection. It's been almost a year since I started treatments, and my mental, physical and spiritual energies are back on track. I feel balanced, whole and vibrant again.

Sally is an oasis of calm in a hurried world. She is one of life's most delightful angels and healers; a perfect guide for the journey.

                                               -- Rosemary Sabota


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